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Welcome to eMove!

Throughout the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ is expanding at an exponential rate.  There are numerous Church planting and other Christ-centered movements being reported around the world.  The only place where this is not happening is Western Europe.  The cradle of Christianity is struggling to grow at even an incremental rate.  Why have Christ-centered, missional movements not emerged in Europe?  Has Christianity in Europe become irrelevant, and obsolete?  Has it become merely a system of structures and legal entities, which hinder any movement of God?  There is no question.  Europe is in need of a spiritual Awakening.  We believe that God has not given up on Europe.  There are signs that the Spirit of God is moving and that a spiritual awakening is on the horizon.  In light of this we are asking the questions: what can we do, what do we need to change, what preparations do we need to take to become part of this awakening?  To phrase it differently, what will it take for multiple Christ-centered missional movements to spring up and transform Europe?

The European missional movement Institute has been created to wrestle with these questions and to provide insight and guidance for those involved in revitalizing the European church and reestablishing its witness in Europe.   Its purpose is to help young leaders and their churches become movement focused in order to move away from an inward and addition growth approach to a missional and multiplication focused mindset. It will explore the changes the church needs to make in order to become the catalyst for multiple Christ-centered, missional movements in our neighborhood, city, and nations.

The Institute has four primary objectives:

1.     Understand the nature and make-up of Christ-centered missional movements through the study of current and past missional movements.

2.     Provide Movement oriented training, develop movement-based materials and offer movement related resources.

3.     Establish a European Think Tank, of movement-oriented thinkers and practitioners that will pursue the question of how a Christ-centered missional movement can begin and spread in the European Context.

4.     Invest in young leaders in order to become movement oriented strategic leaders in their context of ministry.

The Institute is set up into 6 sections.  These include research, resources, training, consulting, leadership training and the eMove think-tank. Our hope and prayer is that eMove will play a key role in the emergence of Christ-centered missional movements in Europe.


Dr. Wm Mark Wagner

eMove Director

Upcoming Events

Seminars 2012

Multi-Site Seminar mit Jim Tomberlin

Das Seminar wird auf die Frage eingehen, wie eine Multi-Site Gemeinde in einem Deutschen Kontext ausschauen könnte

Referent:  Jim Tomberlin

Datum:  22.5.2012 von 10 Uhr bis 17 Uhr

Ort:   Evangelische Freikirche Köln

Rösrather Str. 176

51107 Köln

Impulstage 2012:  In Bewegung kommen

Gemeindegründungsbewegungen in Deutschland – erste Schritte

Referenten:    Dr. Markus Wagner, Erwin Keck, David Schäfer, Wolfgang Klöckner, Christian Göttemann

Datum:  28.–30. September, 2012

Ort:  CVJM

Erholungsheimstrasse 328

37586 Dassel

Seminars 2013

T4T – Train the Trainer:  A Discipleship Revolution

Referenten:  Steve Smith, Ying Kai

Date:   5.-9. March 2013

Contact Information

Dr. Wm Mark Wagner - Director

Weidenbachweg 6a

53332 Bornheim

Tel: 02227 92 91 71 0

E-mail: mwagner@movements.eu